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Takoma Soccer offers a Summer camp.

Takoma Soccer Camps


Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click on the camp above to fill out a registration form to print and mail in.


We aim for a fun time that will also improve everyone's knowledge and skill.


The extremely popular Adrian Baez, the Einstein varsity coach for boys, directs all instruction, assisted by a host of Takoma Soccer graduates who serve as counselors.  Takoma Soccer Commissioner Howard Kohn oversees the camp.


Lee Jordan field
Takoma Park Middle School
7611 Piney Branch Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910


All campers should check in and check out at Takoma Park Middle School.  If you're not familiar with the school, drive into the big parking lot and find a parking spot near the front entrance.  Then, facing the school, walk to your right through an open break in the wall and continue walking until you reach our check-in table on the outdoor basketball courts where our tables are set up.


You should arrive about 8:45 a.m.  And return to the same location for check-out at 3:30 p.m.  Please do not leave without having your child's name checked off the list.  If a camper is allowed to walk home, please give us a note.


Mornings for the summer camp include indoor warm-ups and then skill stations and games outdoors.  After lunch the kids see a "fun" video, followed by a short period of indoor instruction.  In the afternoon they play games with a rotating set of teammates as part of a week-long "Dutch" tournament.  We also stage Olympic-style contests. 


Please bring:

  • a water bottle, with name & phone number written in indelible ink
  • two pairs of shoes, one for wearing indoors in the gym, the other for outdoors
  • shin-guards & sunscreen
  • clothing appropriate for the weather (bring extra socks in case the grass is wet)
  • money to purchase sodas or snacks (if you want)


Also, please bring a lunch that can survive until noon without refrigeration.  On Wednesday campers have the option of bringing $3.00 for two slices of PIZZA instead of their usual lunch.


In case of rain or extreme heat, we will move inside for indoor games and video instruction.  When outdoors we will provide breaks for water and shade.  Ten-gallon jugs of water will be at the fields.  Anyone who needs an extra break should request it.

You can also help by sending water (or a nutritious drink) in an insulated thermos.  Or you can put water into an ordinary bottle the night before, about one-third full, and freeze it.  In the morning fill the rest of the bottle with more water, and the water will stay chilled for at least a few hours.


Supervised care is available before and after camp at the Takoma Park Community Center through the Takoma Park Recreation Department - (301) 891-7290.  Our counselors escort campers between the two sites.


Contact Howard Kohn at or 240-461-6921.  Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click on the camp above to fill out a registration form to print and mail in.